Production Design

How do you work with Production Designers... do you ever relate to them one on one or is it always through the director?

Mostly the realtionship with the production designer is through the director intitially but.....  Production Designers do the same job as the DP - a one-to-one thing with the Director - only it happens in early pre-production.  When the DP turns up, the emphasis turns to him or her, as the DPís arrival means:  Weíre Actually Going to Shoot This Movie!  People think the "look" of a movie is in the hands of the Director and the Cinematographer but thatís not true.  Itís in the hands of five people: Director, DP, Production and Costume Designer & Make-Up.  You canít photograph something that isnít there, no matter how you light it.  After youíve done more than one film with a Production Designer you do more and more work with that person without the Directors involvement.

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