My question is pretty simple, I hope. I have just finished editing my first short DV film (director co-writer). I had a DOP for 2 days of the shoot and wasn't particularly happy with her. I ended up shooting the bulk of the film myself (I have a DOP background in DV). I am very proud of some of the cinematography, it's probably the best I have ever shot. That's the background, my question is about Credits. Do I credit the first DOP as DOP? Do I credit myself as DOP? Both and in what order? Is this really important?-Stuart

I'm glad you are giving this some thought. The solution is quite simple really: just contact the DP that you let go and ask her whether she would like to be credited alongside you - if you would like to credit yourself alongside her. She might decline your offer which answers your question. I was fired off a film once by a particularly nasty director: I insisted on not having a credit as I didn't want to have anything more to do with the film! Assuming you are not in the "nasty Director" category, she might like a credit.

Order should be in ratio to the proportion of the footage shot. As far as importance goes, Credits are important as they build up the CV of any aspiring film maker, and, God Willing, the occasional small film goes BIG and then of course those involved get instant careers - at least for a while.

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