I have a passion for film and would love to become a
cinematographer. I am worried about the physical requirements of the job
though. Although I am a hard worker and have a great deal of mental stamina,
physically I am only about 5'5" and weigh 110 lbs. How do female DPs compete
with the men who dominate the field? Are my chances of making it
dramatically reduced?


Your physical stature has absolutely no bearing on making it as a DP.. being
a female, however, does.  The industry is slowly coming out of the dark ages
as far as employing women is concerned.  In the US there are now a number of
very successful female DP's, as well as Electricians, grips etc.  It's a
slower change in the UK, but it's happening.  There are a lot of female
assistants in the camera department: hopefully they will continue on to
become DP's.  One irony of the situation is that when a female DP does shoot
a major feature film, she tends to get a lot of attention!  My best advice
is to just concentrate on doing what you want to do, and wear jeans to work!

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